A year of games—free!
There is a Santa Claus: Help yourself to the 52 most popular free games of '98. Not demos, not shareware—these are free to keep, free to play forever. It's like having a new game every week.
Title/Synopsis Date OS
Free Solitaire v2.03
Play eight well-done Solitaire games
10-07-98 Win95, 98, or NT
Bubble Puzzle 97 v1.3a
Fire colored balls
  10-15-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Clickomania v3.0
Use logic to remove colored stones
  10-13-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
RusCell95 v1.0
Play a free, gorgeous FreeCell game
  02-10-98   Win95 or NT 4.0  
123 Free Solitaire v3.4
Play five free Solitaire favorites
  11-19-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Cult v1.23
Infiltrate a strange cult
  07-24-98   Win95  
Ball Master v1.145
Play an entertaining (and free) game
  09-08-98   Win95  
Hypervisual Blockworks (16-bit) v1.2
Let kids build virtual objects
  07-28-98   Win3.1  
Moosentration v1.0
Play Concentration with a moose theme
  02-19-98   Win95 or NT 4.0  
Easy Bridge v3.2
Learn and practice the game of Bridge
  10-30-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Deep Space Intruder v1.04
Play an excellent space shooter
  06-29-98   Win95  
DX-Ball v1.07
Play a good Breakout-type paddle game
  03-27-98   Win95 or NT 4.0  
HangMan DeLuxe (Ravau) v1.02
Play Hangman in your language
  09-22-98   Win95  
Visual Black Jack v5.15.98
Play a free blackjack game
  05-27-98   Win95  
Gold Club Casino v1.17
Gamble for fun or for real on the Net
  05-07-98   Win95 or NT 4.0  
Tangram (Sergei) v1.01beta
Solve Chinese puzzles
  12-18-97   Win95  
Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds
Enter a mysterious virtual world
  11-19-98   Win95 or Win98  
Dr. Goo v1.1
Help Dr. Goo find Johnny's medicine
  08-20-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Chub Gam 3D Director's Cut
Finesse your way out of Chub's castle
  04-01-98   DOS 3.0  
Moonshot v1.2
Land your lunar module on the moon
  07-17-98   Win95  
Chess-it! v1.0
Play a feature-rich but free Chess game
  09-15-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Mile Stones 98 v1.5
Play a game based on Mille Bornes
  09-11-98   Win95  
Bomberman v1.8
Play an arcade-style game of explosions
  10-05-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Dr. Mysto the Mindreader (32-bit) v6.32
Let Dr. Mysto read your mind
  04-15-98   Win95  
Bloobs v1.2
Get three in a row to empty the screen
  05-14-98   Win95  
SuperCube v1.0
Play a 3D blocks game
  01-08-98   Win95 or NT 4.0  
Geert's Backgammon v2.6.1b
Play backgammon against the computer
  12-11-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Keep Your Cool
Play a game to control stress
  04-29-98   Win95  
USA Casino v1.3
Bet REAL money on an online casino
  12-01-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Plateau v1.4
Try a new strategy board game
  07-06-98   Win95 or NT 4.0  
TNT Solitaire v1.0.12
Try two free card games
  01-15-98   Win95 or NT 4.0  
WinSoko v2.0
Play a free maze game
  11-30-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Dr. Goo 2: The Plague v1.0
Help Dr. Goo find the vaccine
  09-09-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Edge Reversi v1.0a
Enjoy a challenging diversion
  03-17-98   Win95 or NT 4.0  
Sokoban 97 v2.27
Move the boxes but don't get stuck
  10-19-98   Win3.1  
Use logic to travel a maze
  05-20-98   Win95  
New York Casino v1.2
Gamble with REAL money or practice
  11-16-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Tetrix '99 v1.0
Play a small Tetris clone for free
  12-11-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Gold Club Casino (16-bit) v1.15
Gamble for fun or for real on the Net
  04-24-98   Win3.1  
Classic Space Wars v1.0
Play a classic space game
  12-18-97   Win95  
Nonsense Trilogy Game
Play a very silly game
  07-02-98   Win95  
Laser Tank for Windows v2.0
Play a simple, free tank/logic game
  05-11-98   Win3.1  
Quibble Race v1.5
Bet on the right Quibble for lots of fun
  09-04-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Subspace v1.34
Blast spaceships over the Net
  04-15-98   Win95  
WordPlay v4.2
Play two free, fun word games
  12-14-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Nonsense Madness
Play a very silly arcade game
  12-07-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Quickies v2.1
Play four quick arcade style games
  09-02-98   Win95  
Skip98 v1.3
Play a free game similar to Skip-Bo
  05-07-98   Win95 or Win98  
Destroy enemy ships
  06-01-98   Win95  
Load Runner
Collect gold while avoiding guards
  09-24-98   DOS 4.0  
Solo v2.0
Play 71 card games, or create your own
  09-21-98   Win95, 98, or NT  
Blinky Blink v1.2
Test your memory w/ colorful boxes
  08-14-98   Win95, 98, or NT